Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Graduate Program at ETSC

The Graduate Program at ETSC - OCTOBER 9, 2007 - Greetings again in the Lord's name from the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo! We have begun our fall term, and I want to tell you a little about the Graduate Studies program which I oversee. It was begun several years ago, primarily to train scholars who had finished their Master of Divinity degree and had some parish experience. This two year program includes classes (25 semester units over the period of a year and a half) and the writing of a thesis supervised by a member of the faculty. Recently the country of Norway has recognized the validity of this degree. While it is open to visiting students from Europe and America, it is designed mainly to provide a solid education foundation for teachers from Egypt and other Near East and African countries who will return to their countries. It also provides a way by which these graduates may move on to other seminaries and universities in Europe and the United States for Ph.D. work. Some are presently studying in the U.S. after completing their Master's degree here. The classes are taught in English.

The picture above shows Dr. Julius Scott, preparing to teach a course in the Intertestamental period (between the Old and New Testament times), and three Egyptian students. The second picture shows two male students from the Sudan, the woman on the left from a Baptist Seminary in Cairo, and a woman from Korea, who came to Egypt in missionary work a few years ago and was recently married to the man with his hand to his forehead. This man, a Presbyterian volunteer worker from the U.S., serves as the development director for the seminary among other things. He has been an invaluable help to me in my orientation, with his knowledge of the seminary and he speaks some Arabic! The seminary charges little for its courses and even with this many students depend on scholarships from home churches and other donors. You can e-mail me at rogerrab39@yahoo.com for more information about this.
Among with Dr. Scott, Paul Dilley, who is finishing his doctoral work at Yale, teaches classes this term in advanced Greek, the Coptic language, and a history course in Christianity in the Middle East up until the time of Islam. One foreign student from Norway is also taking a directed studies class from me on the history of the Christian Church in the Middle East from the beginning of Islam until 1800. (One of the field in my master's program long ago was on the history of Islam - though I never expect I would come to teach it here in Egypt). More about the topics the students have selected for their dissertations next time. As I close, I want to add my prayers for Doris Fletcher and the community of faith at Messiah, Pasadena, California. Wm. Robert Fletcher, along time devoted Christian in that place, died this past week. I had worked with him before coming to Egypt.
I am well and hope you are. You can respond to this blog or you can still reach me at my Yahoo e-mail address listed above. May God bless you. Roger Rogahn

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